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So, this is my life.

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August 6th, 2007

03:22 pm

My mother is my incentive for going AWAY to college.

I leave in nearly a year. 

Thank God.

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July 17th, 2007

11:27 pm
This week just keeps getting better!

I got a new fucking car!

2003 silver Mitsubishi Lancer.
I'm sooooo fucking pumped!!


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September 12th, 2005

09:00 pm


Comment if you wish to be added.

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September 9th, 2005

03:58 pm

Sophomore year has started.

Let's see:
AP US History- I like the class and the teacher. A lot of homework though.
Algebra 2- I don't really like algebra to begin with. Wilkins thinks he's so funny. He's not.
French 3- She only speaks french. I don't understand BECAUSE KAMES TAUGHT US NOTHING! But I do like the teacher.
Chorus- It's good.
English- I have the best class. The teacher is a nut, but I like her.
Biology- I don't really like the teacher, don't really like the class.

I got my permit on Tuesday. That was pretty cool. =D

I started work yesterday. That was good too. It's fun. And all I have to do is play with the kids and help with homework.

I'm hoping this year is gonna kick ass.
I don't want another freshman year.

Tonight I am going to Shlee's for a GB! Hurray!

Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Chorus warm-up

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September 5th, 2005

08:58 pm

Today was my 16th birthday.
I got money and a cell phone.
And I got Dane Cook Retaliation. =D

I slept over lis' last night and we got crunk. A very fun time until we both puked. Hahaha.

Lis and Shlee came over tonight.
And we had pizza and cake and played with my cell phone.

I got a lot of Happy Birthdays today.

My Happy Birthdays.Collapse )
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Current Music: My cell phone ring

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September 2nd, 2005

10:38 pm

The past couple of days, I've: gone bowling with Lis, hung out with Shlee, and went to the movies with Lis and Sham.

Wedding Crashers is a really good and funny movie.

I'm going on the boat with Sham tomorrow. I'm pretty excited. Then it's Carly's party.


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August 30th, 2005

10:22 am

So, I've kind of lied.

My real working schedule:

Monday: Pingree 3-6
Wednesday: Pingree 3-6
Thursday: Union Street!! 3-6

I'm wicked excited that I'll be at Union Street for atleast one day!
That means I can visit Lis! Hahaha.

My first day is Septemeber 8th!

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August 29th, 2005

12:27 pm

I'm home from camp and it was really fun.

I got my schedule.

A: US History AP - Tortora
B: Algebra 2 H - Wilkins
C: French 3 H - Izbicki
D: Concert Choir - Brown
E: Gym (1,2 Stokes) (3,4 Arnold)
F: English H - Wilburn
G: Bio H - Swart

I'm really excited for school.
And my birthday is in a week!
And I'm going to get my permit in 8 days.

I start my job soon too.
I'll be starting at Seach and I'll be making $7.65.
But when a spot opens up at Nash, I'll be getting that one.

A lot of new things are happening soon and I'm both excited and scared.

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August 13th, 2005

01:15 am

Tonight was the Sox game.
We won 9-8. It was a wicked good game.


I have pictures from the game: http://community.webshots.com/user/brendan9589

On the T home, some guy on the cart next to us kept looking at us. So Sham gave me a quarter to flash him my man boobs.

The end.

This weekend there's no tax. I think I'm getting my stuff for camp. I don't know.

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August 12th, 2005

01:28 pm

Nothing's really been going on.

On Monday, I went to Andrea's with Shlee. We watch Can't Hardly Wait. I love Jennifer Love Hewitt.

On Tuesday, I went to driver's ed and later that night I went to Lis'.

On Wednesday, the munchkins and Lis came over.
I love those munchkins. And Lis, I guess.

On Thursday, I went to driver's ed and then I went to Boston with a bunch of people.

Today I'm not doing anything...UNTIL THE SOX GAME TONIGHT!




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